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Simple Water Service is dedicated to providing quality water filtration systems for both residential and commercial applications around the southern Florida area that are designed to last a lifetime. Filter out the competition by choosing Simple Water Service for your water treatment needs. Contact us for a free water test and a free estimation of the right water treatment system for your home or business.

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Our Water Filtration System Services

We proudly serve southern Florida and the West Palm Beach area. We specialize in water filtration systems using UV light treatment for city water and well water treatment for both businesses and whole-home applications. We also have our reverse osmosis systems designed to make sure you always have clean drinking water throughout your entire home or business. Choosing Simple Water Service for your water treatment needs is as clear as the water our systems produce.

About Our Water Filtration Company

We're a trusted and highly reviewed multi-generational company that has been serving the West Palm Beach area and southern Florida for over 12 years. We offer various water filtration system services, including residential and commercial UV water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems and water filtration maintenance on existing Simple Water Service systems. We put the customer first and make sure every system we install meets our customer's needs without draining their wallets. We care about providing the right system for each customer, not getting the biggest sale.

According to the South Florida Water Management District, 60% of the water used in southern Florida alone comes from Aquifers and 70% is used for domestic purposes. Groundwater can contain over 30 contaminants including pesticides, arsenic, and chlorine. Don’t let your family or business use unfiltered water. Contact us today to set up a free water test and a free estimation for your water treatment system.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Competition

When you choose Simple Water Service as your water filtration system company in West Palm Beach, you are supporting a family-owned and operated small business that has been in operation for three generations. With over a decade of experience in the water filtration industry, there is nothing that Simple Water Service has not seen. We are here to make sure you always have clean and safe water, whether it be in your home or at your place of business. We want people to be safe and provide clean water for all. Individuals that choose Simple Water Service as their water filtration system solution can expect:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff

  • Quality, long-lasting filtration systems

  • Affordable installation and maintenance

  • Free estimations, water testing, and troubleshooting

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance

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Our experience in the water filtration industry is not the only thing that sets us apart from the competition. Our amazing team of experts put the customer first. We support you because you support us.